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Most women now wear more skirts, dresses, and shorts than they do jeans. For some, it’s inevitable since they’re required either for work or school, and the rest prefer them for style reasons. Either way, these women will definitely pay more attention to their legs since these skirts, dresses, and shorts do show off this part of the female body.

Of course, one would automatically think that the need to shave or wax off the hair on the legs is important. Or perhaps, if one would opt to go the traditional route and wear a pair of stockings to make the legs appear presentable. However, here’s one option you may want to look into esp if wearing stockings makes you feel uncomfortable and no amount of shaving or waxing can make your legs look close to perfect — put on some leg makeup.

In this day and age, putting on makeup on other parts of our body, apart from the face and neck, can still seem to be a bit strange but it’s slowly getting steam. Most of us might presume that this sort of thing only happens in photoshoots, wherein models need to appear perfect before gracing the glossies, or perhaps occasions wherein it’s vital that a photograph is perfect. But now, a quick trip to a local drugstore or in our case, beauty stores, can allow us access to a product that will help us create an illusion of perfectly toned skin on our legs, the Airbrush Legs from Sally Hansen.

My friend P suffers from a rare skin pigment imbalance (early stage Vitiligo) which leaves certain areas of her skin a shade lighter than her normal skin tone. She decided that it’d be a good opportunity to try out the Sally Hansen leg makeup for an event she needs to attend. After applying cream shadow on the affected areas, bringing it closer to the normal skin tone, the Airbrush Legs was applied all over the legs. Focusing on parts that show, the makeup was applied generously and evenly.

It takes a minute or two to dry and was indeed water-resistant. However, it isn’t smudge resistant. The makeup can and will transfer to any article of clothing that will brush against it. Wearing the makeup is relatively comfortable (none of the I’ve got makeup on my legs feeling). And it stays on for hours; recorded time is about 8 hours.

Application is easy. All you have to do is unscrew the cover, aim a good 5 inches away from the skin then spray it on. I’m not certain what Vitamin K can do but it did help cover and fade imperfections. The skin with the leg makeup look smooth and the skin tone, even.

P didn’t complain of any side effects or skin irritations after using it. It didn’t cause any skin problem. Removing the leg makeup was relatively easy. Just jump in the shower and rinse it off with water and soap then you’re all good.

Advice for the folks interested to get and use one: Don’t just trust the shade as seen on the bottle, be sure to test the product out to determine the right shade. Medium glow is for light and medium skin tone and appears a shade darker than the normal skin tone once applied. Most stores have testers ready so, make full use of it.

P.S. I’ll try to update this post with a swatch as soon as get around to seeing my friend again.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in Medium Glow, Php 999.00 (Sold in most PCX/First Aid stores in Manila)

Have any of you folks tried the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs? Any good? Share your own experience, we’d greatly appreciate it.

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  1. my mom bought it for me some time ago. i don’t think it’s the ride shade for me, though, and i’ve never worn it outside the house. might try it again one of these days, probably when it’s not raining.

  2. Let me know how it goes! :)

  3. Where can I get this? My mom and I went to SM Department Store to see if there’s any, unfortunately, they don’t have one. :(

  4. Hi,

    What kind of cream makeup did you use prior the sally hansen spray? Also, do you think it will work on keloid scars? ..I’ve tried everything with my scar.. nothing works.. :(

  5. yes, same question, what makeup/cream was used to even out the color first before spraying?

  6. Hi, Is this still available at Watsons place? :D

  7. Is this available in every watson’s store? or even at the mercury store? :) does this product cover scars? :D

  8. Watsons? How much? :)

  9. Price in Watson & SM,I think its 1000.

  10. Hey, is it available in any branch of Watson’s? :) I’ve been researching on the net how to get flawless legs, & this product came out! & it caught my attention so I’m interested in using it. :D

  11. hey, i tried watson’s in sm south yesterday, and they don’t have this, where else can i buy this? and does it cover big old scars too? thank you!

  12. I bought mine today but it turns out, i got a diff shade (light glow). Anyone interested? It’s a great product but I shouldve trusted my instincts and chose medium glow instead.

  13. hello there tina?..where can i buy these product?

  14. why is it that it didn’t work for me.i’ve tried it on my legs a while back but then to my disappointment, it doesn’t cover the scars on my it the product or just the way i used it. i think i’ve followed the instructions right but it didn’t work.

  15. hey tina & wanda, where did you buy it?

  16. hi guys. got white scars all over my legs and im dying to have this thing. where i can buy this by the way? pls pls? hope u could help me. tnx

  17. princess says:

    can i use this for the stretchmarks on my leg?

  18. marjorie flores says:

    i bought one in Watson’s for P999.. it’s really awesome! it covers all of my scars, varicose veins and stretchmarks! for me, medium glow is the perfect tone! i loved it.. #worthy

  19. is this available in all watsons stores? where else can i buy this?

  20. hi!where did you but it?what branch?

  21. I went to Watsons SM Lipa and SM Calamba but it is not available. Which Watsons & SM branch sell this pls? Help! Been dying to have one.

  22. chriatine says:

    Where is the exact location of the store where i can find this product. Please i kindly need it…what exact mall? Thank you

  23. is that available in SM cebu city?


  25. hi! i am selling Sally Hansen Airbrush legs spray products. We have 3 shades available- light, medium, and tan glow for only P999. We deliver anywhere in the Philippines via courier (LBC). Just text me at 0932-876-2387.

  26. san po my stocks ng sally hansen medium glow?

  27. or light glow?

  28. Hi..just want to know where to buy this product on medium glow shades… where sm/watson brach..thanks.cast

  29. zeynie says:

    Hi there! I just purchased my first Sally Hansen online. I bought the Light Glow one though I am super morena. According to reviews, they have changed the Light Glow tone and darken it. Normally Filipinos would get the Medium Glow but since they have darken it (and put more glittery effect), I decided to get the Light Glow. Hope it works. :)

  30. Rachel says:

    Hi do i have to shave first before i use sally hansen? Im balbon kasi.. Where can i buy online?

  31. Hi. I bought mine at Landmark Makati. :) P895.00

  32. rose ann gonzales says:

    Dan.. san store sa landmark mo nabili? Please reply… tnx :)

  33. Where can i buy this sally hansen leg make up? Any convenient stores to go like mercury drugs or what…

  34. I’m from visayas area, how much would be the cost?

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