First Impressions: OLAY Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing Cream

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Women are more aware and conscious about their skin nowadays that we are all trying to perfect our skincare regimen. Which of the products out there will provide value for money? Which ones will be effective? Will these products truly minimise lines, refine pores, provide anti-oxidants, or nourish, tone, lift, and exfoliate the skin? Sometimes, it’s too frustrating to choose among the ones currently in the market. I reckon that’s why some of you ladies do resort to reading and research before buying a bottle, pot, or tube, eh?

Since it first came out, I was already intrigued with its effects, if its role as a moisturiser and an anti-aging cream combined can effect the benefits it promises. What exactly does it promise? Well, let me tell you folks what’s printed on the packaging:

7 Anti-Ageing Benefits in 1 Moisturiser:

  1. Line Minimization: Reduces appearance of lines.
  2. Nourishing Moisturization: Soothes dry skin.
  3. Tone Enhancement: Evens skin tone.
  4. Gentle Exfoliation: Smoothes and evens skin texture.
  5. Pore Refinement: Minimizes the appearance of pores.
  6. Anti-oxidants: Helps protects skin’s moisture barrier.
  7. Subtle Lifting: Hydrates for firmer skin appearance.

How does it work? It provides the anti-ageing power of moisture fused with vitamins and anti-oxidants PLUS UVA/UVB (SPF15) protection to help prevent sun damage.

Personally, considering all the days I subject my skin to heavy makeup, I’d spend a considerable time pampering it, letting it breathe. Apart from the regular cleansing, toning and moisturising (day and night), I’d exfoliate weekly (or twice a week) and I’d make sure to use a cream or moisturiser which will thoroughly nourish and hydrate my skin. Reason is, I’m already in my 30s and I need to pay a good amount of attention on skincare.

This opportunity to try Total Effects is a treat. I’m already using Regenerist (the Regenerating Serum, that is) right now but I reckon this is a chance for me to compare. I’ve already been hearing theories that Total Effects are formulated for women aged in their late 20s to early 40s and Regenerist for women aged mid-40s and up. I’m not sure if there’s any truth in it (folks from P&G Beauty can verify if they can) but I guess it’s due to the corrective benefits of Regenerist which make it more suitable for aged skin. As for Total Effects, if we’re going to base it on the printed collaterals, it’s more of preventive, which makes it ideal for folks concerned with premature aging but aren’t exactly there yet. Know what I mean?

Anyway, I like the packaging and the dispenser functions well. Allows you to control the amount of cream to be dispensed. Scent is not exactly repulsive but it smells faintly like talc-y paste but it’s not too overpowering. Texture of the formulation is a slightly greasy moisture. It takes a minute or two before skin absorbs it, leaving skin (very) slightly greasy but soft and supple.

It will take me a while before I can actually come up with the full review. It does require one to use a product weeks (months) before dishing out thoughts on results, yes? But I hope my initial thoughts will serve as a good foundation for the rest of the review.

Meanwhile, if any of you folks have tried (or are currently using) Total Effects, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also, if you’ve got particular points you wish me to look into, feel free to leave them below.

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  1. tina gabriel says:

    I bought the Olay Total Effects, my face broke out. I had 3 pimples agad the parts of my face go dry (around the mouth and nose) I went back to Cetaphil and Celeteque… :) sayang the set…

  2. Sorry to hear that. Personally, Total Effect’s doing alright so far. And, oh, I’m not a fan of Celeteque. :(

  3. I am on my late 20’s and I am thinking of getting the right product to prevent wrinkles and eyebags as I work at night.. I am torned between getting L’Oreal or this one.. What do you think??

  4. I really don’t know your reasons for considering L’Oreal so, dunno how to answer that.

  5. i’ve been using olay total effects (the gentle version) since i was 20 (3 years ago) and i must say that i always get compliments about my facial skin. my only complaint is that it makes my t-zone oily so that i have to blot off oil every now and then (i don’t wear foundation or powder). i know that it may be too early to start an anti-aging regimen, but hey, prevention is better than cure, right?

    • True. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure (or something ). I’ll keep an eye out on the T-zone; see if it’s the same for me. Thanks for sharing!

  6. i have been using olay total effects for 2years now (used to be a ponds user. switched to olay since i started getting rash-like breakouts with ponds. i dunno if they changed their formula or something). It’s ok. i don’t get compliments like “i look younger” or “your skin is glowing” but i do get the “mukha kang hindi tumatanda” so i guess that is still good right =) my only complaint is that during winter season the moisturization is not enough around my cheek and jaw area (i have combination skin-normal to dry which is normal around the Tzone and dry in some areas). i also don’t have big pores. most of them are hardly visible but you can still see some near my nose. they have not improved(became smaller) during my use with olay but they have also not worsened. i’m in my early 30s and although i would like to try regenerist i think i’ll wait a few years since i still don’t have deep line or wrinkles (thank God!). If you can suggest a better moisturizer (with spf please and the price reasonable hehehe) i would be glad to try it. thanks!

  7. I use Regenerist during the week days and Total Effects on the weekends (when I’m at my parents). I noticed I get really really really oily with Regenerist. I think TE does a better job at making me glow. I’m also in my early 30s.

    • First time I heard of that sort of reaction to Regenerist. Most of my friends who got to use it, loved it. One even has oily skin! Anyway, Total Effects is alright. I’m happy about the fact that, apart from the skincare bit, it can work with my liquid foundation as well. :)

  8. pede ba sa lalaki tong olay ? ty

  9. i have a friend recommending olay..may i know the price of olay total effects anti aging?kasi sa kanya 450 lang from Hongkong. may peke din ba na Olay?

  10. Loved my experience with this product,its really smooth on my face and really reduced the wrinkles on my face.

  11. Hi, how can i spot a fake olay into real ones? what are the difference between fake and real ones? thanks

  12. katt flores says:

    i’m looking for these olay products:

    – total effects mature skin therapy
    – total effects night firming cream
    – total effects moisturizer + touch of foundation

    where can i buy them. thanks

  13. HI! I’m in my teenage years. I really don’t care about skincare whatsoever before kaya nagka pimples ako at pimple marks pero nung ginamit ko yung olay naging okay naman siya sa skin ko.. mejo oily nga lang so i need keep oil blot pad handy. 2 weeks ko palang ginagamit yung olay nung first 2 days nagka break out skin ko pero after nun wala na so tinutuloy tuloy ko na sya at sabi naman ng mom ko mas ok na daw at makinis compared sa dati at nawala na yung redness ng skin ko at pimple marks.

  14. I used Olay for 3yrs but then I stopped when I graduated, started to used the Ponds gold. But both of the products gives the good results on my skin. However the facial wash of olay doesn’t really work well with the moisturizer for me :(

  15. melinda reyes says:

    i’ve been using total effect for 2 years..and im happy with effect..last sept i tried using the regenerist scupting serum and the result is better than in total effects..i guess its got to do with my 46 and i thnk regenerist is for 40s onwards..

  16. mother gave me 3 bottles of olay products last summer on my 49th birthday.Olay total effects is the best thing that ever happen to my skin everyday after washing my face id put on olay total effects with spf 15 whenever i go out malling or running on weekends. i use olay total effects normal on my face when im at home. I always sleep with olay total effects serum on my face. the results ? amazing…i always get comments from friends that i have clean , glowing skin. i have finished three half marathons for the past 3 months..and i always apply olay total effects with spf 15 not just on my face but on my arms and legs as well…results is so amazing …great skin color ,healthy and glowing : )

  17. Hazel A. Mauleon says:

    Is there such a fake olay total effects? I bought 1 (from a friend saying it came from thailand) after consuming 3 bottles. It has different scent and it has no grease feeling like what i used before!!! I hope from ur immediate response..tnx

  18. hi, im turning 29 this sept. but i can notice that face is aging,, im a mom of two and there are times that im stressed out. what is the right age to use olay, ive admired kris aquino eversince and since shes the endorser, i wanna know much. tnks

  19. I bought Olay total effects 7 in one day cream, for normal skin with SPF 15.

    When I applied the cream, after a few hours my right cheek turned red and the day after I found red spots on my left cheek.

    I checked the box and the pump dispenser, they do not have the specific words”expiration” or expiry date. Also, there was no instruction from the sales persons as to where to look for the said expiration date.

    I realized there is a code which contained, B 280612 – 7, this is on top of another code which is 21914811SD. It seems to me this might be the expiration date, though it was not clearly stated. Also the box says it’s dermatologically tested and that it is suitable for all skin types.

    I want to file a complaint but I could not find any complaint scheme in the olay Philippines website. I also would like to know how to treat the red spots which I acquired after applying the said cream

    I would appreciate it if anyone can send me info on where to send my complaint to olay philippines.
    Thank you.

  20. I have tried Olay and Ponds too. I think no cream is perfect…dapat itry natin at tingnan kung saan tayo “hiyang”. In my case, I was a Ponds user (6 years) but got a little problem with the new thicker cream and so I tried Olay. Ngayon at so far, ok din siya…no pimples, rashes, etc.. :)

  21. Hi.. i used olay regenerist before when im 23,it has a good result,my face gets younger than 23, 1 bottle is good for 4months after that I stop,and used whitening soap but my face gets older like im 35 years old now,I got 1 total effects now,and am exited if this one could help my skin gets younger looking….

  22. Super Glamorous says:

    ask ko lang kung ano ba ang mas maganda, olay total effects 7-in-1 anti-ageing cream o olay 7-in-1 serum? ang hinahanap ko kasi ung total effects pero ang nakita ko lang ay serum at un na ang nabili ko kanina lang…

  23. i tried olay facial wash and day moisturizer.. ginamit ko ung cream every nyt and day,, hnd kc available nuon ung pang nyt cream,, parang wla nmn ako nkitang result s paggamit ko ng almost ilang months din un,, s ngaun olay natural white ulet gingamit ko pro parang mas nagkaka pimples ako.

  24. I also have the same problem icouldnr find the expiry date.plz help me.

  25. Ponds is exclusive only in the United States. Anywhere else Ponds is made doesn’t do what it says.


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