Kaye Olfindo Bridal Collection Plus A Contest

I just have to say this (again), the clip’s awesome! Love the concept. Love the cinematography. I even love the hair! Of course, how can I possibly miss it, I love the gown! I absolutely hearted the rosette appliques and the fluid skirt. Very romantic.

Personally, I think fashion designers should look into doing this sort of thing for their collections. It gives us a better idea of how their creations will look like when worn in real life. You can admire how details, cuts and drapes highlight frame, length and shape of the body. You can even see its movement, how everything works together.

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I still love photos, yes. But watching a fashion video like this one, makes my heart flutter in a way that no photo has ever done, er, at least, it never lasted a whole minute like this one.

Btw, Kaye is currently holding a contest for the follow up video. Winning entry will receive a Kaye Olfindo customised creation worth Php 6,000.00 plus credit on the video. She’ll be accepting entries until 31 May 2009.

Some of the guidelines include:

1. Estimated running time of 1 minute.
2. Your concept should have some sort of connection to the present video.
3. Concept should include setting, plot and fashion theme. The fashion theme should reflect my style and my type of designs so please go through my folio! Oh, and please remove bridal from your list of themes because the present video already shows the model wearing a wedding gown. — Kaye Olfindo

Visit kaye.olfindo.com for full set of guidelines. Send your entries to kaye@kstyled.com.

So, folks, what do you think of the video? Can you think of a non-bridal theme for the follow up video that’s sort of connected to the current one? Dear me. I can’t help but think of possible scenarios myself. LOL. Anyway. I will definitely be keeping my eye on this series. I’d love to see what they’d come up next!

Another thing, do check out the Bridal Collection (in case you failed to spot the earlier links, heh).

Oh, if you end up joining Kaye’s contest, best of luck! I hope your entry gets picked!

Image and clip re-posted with permission: Kaye Olfindo

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  1. Hi, Sasha! Thanks so much for helping me spread the word about the contest! Just want to add that I am only requiring the concept, not the follow up video itself. I think some people are getting confused with my guidelines hahhaha. Once a concept is chosen, my team will be the one to produce the video. :)

  2. Great that you cleared that up! Thanks! :)

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