Baguio Report, Ukay Shopping!

One of the things that I was looking forward to doing once I step foot on Baguio soil was to hit the ukay-ukay district. I can still remember the first time I got a taste of this shopping experience on my last trip to the place which was back in 2004.

Twas when I was able to buy a heavy jacket with fur trimmings along the cuffs and detachable hood for Php 500.00 (originally priced at Php 800.00). A bit expensive for something bought in an ukay-ukay shop, I know. But it’s from one of the shops where they’ve already washed and such the item plus the jacket’s in a pretty good condition.

Anyway, finding myself ukay-ukay shopping in Baguio again, I had nothing specific on my shopping list in mind. I do, however, would love to find a man’s coat (or something that looks like it). But it wasn’t a priority since I know I’ll have trouble wearing it in Manila’s warm (though wet!) weather. But guess what? The very first thing I spotted when I went to Mines View Park is just that.

Corduroy Coat - Ukay Shopping in Baguio | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion

Drawn to the corduroy fabric, the collar, button and sleeve details, I was close to putting it on. I love the fact that it’s long and would look great worn with a simple shirt and jeans combo. A bit of trivia, I actually came back for it the next day (yea, I didn’t buy it as soon as I saw it). I gave myself time to think it over. Last test was if the coat will fit me. It did.

Corduroy Coat - Ukay Shopping in Baguio | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion

What I’m not really looking forward to is that it’s a tad bit heavy for our weather. Perhaps, even after having it dry cleaned, I’ll only be able to air it out during the cooler months of December – January. Ah, well.

Corduroy Coat, Php 180.00

Then we decided to check out Bayanihan, one of the places where you can go ukay-ukay shopping located near Burnham Park. Here I was able to buy the following:

Floral Dress, Long - Ukay Shopping in Baguio | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion

A long romantic floral dress with long, bell sleeves for Php 35.00

Floral Dress, Short - Ukay Shopping in Baguio | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion

A short floral dress with elasticised cuff long sleeve, elasticised sabrina neckline, and ruffled tier hem for Php 130.00.

Outfit photos to follow. Need to have these dresses washed first.

Then right before calling it a day, I spotted this brown bag hanging from the ceiling in the same shop I bought the second dress.

Brown Leather Messenger Bag, Esprit - Ukay Shopping in Baguio | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion

Funny how they initially priced it at Php 1,200.00 but when asked for the last price, the lady offered it for Php 900.00. However, haggling didn’t stop there. With the help of my friend who asked if I can just have for Php 500.00, the lady came back agreeing to the price. I say, this haggling business is an art that needs mastering. LMAO.

Brown Leather Messenger Bag, Esprit - Ukay Shopping in Baguio | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion

I certainly appreciate my finding this bag cuz my shoulder bag was in danger of getting ruined. I actually brought with me my Benetton Canvas Shoulder Bag but the bag alone can be a bit heavy sometimes. Sigh.

Anyway, how about you folks? Do you go ukay-ukay shopping whenever you’re in Baguio? Where do you usually shop? What sort of things do you usually buy?

P.S. I found an LV Speedy MiniLin for Php 12,500.00 and a gorgeous Chanel quilt & chain shoulder bag for Php 13,500.00 there. Amazing. How can you possibly know if these bags are authentic?

Photo © 2009 Sasha Manuel

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  1. OMG! Good buys, indeed! :)

  2. An LV Mini Lin and a classic Chanel quilt flap bag??? OMG! I wish I was there with you! Well at least I can check the LV bag out, I’m just kinda clueless with the Chanel one because I don’t own one! Hee hee hee! Great buys indeed! :)

  3. Tara: Thanks :)

    Apple: Yes and a maybe yes? Hehe. :lol:

  4. Charisse says:

    I miss ukay ukay in Baguio!!! wahhhh!!! :)

    Great finds, sasha!

  5. Irene says:

    I was able to score a Liz clairborne black office bag for 750…from the quoted price of 1,500.They’ve got LVs and Pradas,Burberrys ranging from 6,500 daw and above

    This store is facing Burnham. forgot the name,but my friend is from baguio so she knows where the best buys are!

  6. Charisse: Thanks! Maybe you can schedule a trip before the Summer ends. :)

    Irene: I reckon you’re referring to Bayanihan. That’s the one closest to Burnham and they do have several shops that sell branded bags priced in the thousands. Though they sell knock-offs too so buyers ought to be wary. I saw a black mono lin for Php 780.00; it didn’t look real. The material was too stiff.

  7. I also buy UK products, I usually go at Hilltop, located on top of Baguio City market. Clothes are really cheap here especially if you are into branded jackets, sweatshirts, and dresses. However, you need patience in going to this place since you need to climb a slopy and sometimes slippy, road and pass to a typical market smell, just to get there.

  8. Oh, cool! I ought to check that one out next time I go to Baguio. Thanks for sharing! :)

  9. Irene says:

    It pays to know the inside out of the genuine bags, so you know if the ones in the ukay are real good buys!

  10. whew!you’re really a great shopper!i haven’t done such activity whenever I go to Baguio… i feel so tired looking at them (the ukays!)…

  11. Irene: Yea, that explains my wariness. I’m no bag shopper.

    Ivy: I guess I know what you mean. It’s quite tiresome to think that you have to rummage through racks and boxes of clothes, not to mention, in all dirt and grime. I sometimes feel the same way when I find myself in a department store. The latter is better though, at least, clothes are clean and brand new plus there’s a/c. Thanks, btw.

  12. Maria says:

    wow nice finds! :) i like that curdoroy jacket :)

  13. Thanks! Now I’m wishing for the weather to grow cold enough so I can wear it. Hehe :)

  14. what’s with the pics? don’t you want to show it?

    • What exactly is the problem with the photos? What is it exactly do you want to see?

      Frankly, my friends have seen these items. And if you’ve been following this blog then you would’ve encountered a photo or two. So yes, I do want to show it. Hope these answers your questions.


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