Havaianas FlipFloat Anyone?

Havaianas Flipfloat | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion

Just because I can understand that some folks wouldn’t want their hair wet while they enjoy the water (hehe) — Style Manila, together with Havaianas Philippines, is giving away an exclusive Havaianas FlipFloat to one (1) lucky reader!

I know that Summer’s halfway over but, hey, we live in a beautiful tropical country wherein we can hit the beach or pool just about anytime of the year! Er, save for the rainy season — oh, you know what I mean. Heh.

Anyway, it’s not like you can’t use the flipfloat next Summer, yes? LOL. So, I’m encouraging you folks to give this contest a shot esp since it’s quite easy to join:

Havaianas Flipfloat | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion

In no less than 50 words, give us an answer to this question:

“What can you do with a flipfloat?”

You can leave your answer in a comment below. Single entry comments only.

Style Manila will be accepting comments until Friday, 15 May 2009 at 11:59 PM. No exceptions.

On Saturday, 16 May 2009, I will be going through each and every entry and will be picking out the best answer out of the lot. I recommend that make your entry as creative as you possibly can. I will announce the winner on the 17th.


Use your real name (first name is sufficient — I will be strict on this folks!) and a valid email address on your entry cuz I’ll be using these information to authenticate your entries.

You can check Style Manila from time to time for any update on this contest. Results will be posted here. You can visit Style Manila directly or subscribe to the Style Manila feed or via Email.

This contest is only open to Philippine residents.

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  1. lol im not in the philippines, but thought that the float was really cute!
    thanks for sharing the pictures :P

  2. I always wondered what it felt like to experience first-hand paddling a boat like that. It may not be able to carry me (and the whole lot of my friends and family) but that won’t stop me for trying to catch a laugh or two! I would probably use it for snowboarding and/or surfing just for the fun of it, perhaps make new friends through it, strike numerous laughable poses with it here and there, and create eternal memories of joy through it. I’m also considering it to be a romantic symbol for my love. I can only imagine lying in it at night during a starry night while both of us gazing on the moon and the open sky, maybe even score a memorable first kiss then and there! Alas, I still am dreaming. In terms of practicality, it can serve as cushion for my ever-solid wooden bed so I may sleep soundly during the night and return to that dream I had earlier, or better yet I’d uncontrollably wiggle and wiggle in it pretend I am five again!

  3. Suzanne says:

    My kids and I love to make stories and video it as well. And watch it with the whole family every weekends.

    Havaianas flip-float can be used as props for our family production at home. You can use it as an airplane, as a boat, as roof of the house, as a bed, picnic table etc…

    Havaianas Flip-float is great for family bonding in the beach or just simply at home.

  4. Jessica says:

    With a flipfloat you can save on boat/plane fare and enjoy a leisurely cruise to any island of your choice. Consider the lovely time that can be spent sunbathing. And if your friends have flipfloats too, then you can all have a flipfloat party as you travel! It may not seem quite so feasible, but really, anything is possible at the beach.

  5. Leslie says:

    “What can you do with a flipfloat?”

    With a flipfloat, you can lay around the pool getting a tan while sipping a glass of frozen margarita. Or on a rainy day, you can relax and imagine the parties and outings that you have gone to all day long.

  6. I would use it to help my kids conquer their fear of the water and teach them to swim. It’s large enough so I can easily hoist either or both of them on the flipfloat if they get tired paddling and it can support them as they try to float on their own. With this they can float their fears away and learn a new skill over the rest of the summer.

  7. you can use the flipfloat :

    a. as a backdrop for a photo op
    b. as a day bed at home
    c. as it is – ie. a giant slipper to amuse your little nephews and nieces
    d. as a reminder that there will be more good summers to come

  8. Janine Marie says:

    “what can i do with a flipfloat?”

    Summer. Summer. Summmer is the best part of the whole year for all of us. it’s a time for relaxation, winding and fun. And the beach, is a perfect spot to spend it. But this vacation will not be complete without a havaianas flipfloat. Which i will use as my comfy bed to lounge around in the sand and sunbathe, my floater when i go for a swim, and my picnic table. it is a multi-purpose flipfloat, which i can also use at home or bring it on my trip even just for a private pool. it has the ability to inflate to be handy, which i can bring anytime and anywhere i go with style. ;)

  9. Rasilla: No worries! I liked the photos they sent me for this contest. :)

  10. Basil says:

    Id bring an ipod with speakers on it,with jager, cocktails and all. Then id make it float, with me, in the beach, hereby creating a Flipfloat Funky Bar and me as your Barista.

  11. “what can I do with a flipfloat?”

    Hi, Sasha! As you know, I am not in the Philippines but it would be nice to win this flip float for my baby sister who’s also addicted to Havaianas like me (she has more pairs actually) so she could use it with my niece Ysabella who’s turning a year older in May 29th and they’ll be celebrating her birthday by having a nice pool party with family and friends! :)

    I would love to see my niece in a picture riding on top of this really cool flip float, her Mom and Dad on the side, wearing the swimsuit I bought for her, and of course, her first ever pair of Havaianas! This would really make me happy inspite of not being able to attend her first birthday since I am stuck here in the US. :(

  12. “What can I do with a flipfloat?”

    I would use it as my umbrella.

  13. I’d use it as a constant prop in my Project 365, hehe. Not that Havaianas need any more free promotion! =p

  14. Ronette says:

    “What can I do with a flip float?”

    I will use it to dry my other bikinis in the middle of the sea!

  15. What can I do with a flip float? If I can wear it I will!! hahaha flip float are so cool, Its Uber summer trendy, with flashy colors and will be so comfy to use at the beach or the pool since im not a good swimmer I would rather stay at the flip float lol. And it is not only for the kids :) but also for those who are a kids at heart. I would really love to use this not only as a float but also for display!! good for a picture taking hahaha so kawaii….

  16. Maria says:

    I could manage to stay several feet away from the crowded shore and enjoy the sunset and that little space (thanks to my sturdy Havaianas Flipfloat) for myself. :)

  17. Lie on it, daydream like crazy — as if I was in the greatest beaches of the country — Bohol, Boracay, Pagudpod, Caramoan, Zambales and even those I’ve never been to. Since the weather has been moody like a woman, I won’t run out of options where to float. I can float on it in a pool, or in an inflatable pool if it’s raining.

    And during times I won’t use it outside? It’s soo going straight to my bed and I’ll use it as a pillow. Or place it somewhere I can see it always because it’s hella cute.

  18. Armand says:

    what a romantic way to spend your honeymoon on a flip float in a deserted beach wearing nothing but melted chocolate. You clean it up by not using your hands (doubles the fun) or make it messier (triples the fun!!!!!…..)

  19. This summer, I’ll definitely be using the Havaianas flipfloats lounging in the pool with my family. When summer ends, it’s time to flaunt and share the flipfloats around. I’ll bring it to the office every weekday and let the Havs decorate my workstation, get rid of our stresses and keep us all inspired. On weekends, it’s time to take the Havs home and let it be part of our family-bonding moments where we can lie on it while watching a movie or reading a book. This would be the perfect piece I can use all year-round!

  20. Me wants a Havaianas flipfloat *and* a pair of flipflops too.

  21. Since, I’m stuck here in Manila this summer. I will place it in my room and I’ll play with my little baby since she loves hopping and she’s starting to sit already. It’s a safe place for her. While she’s asleep, maybe daddy & mommy can play as if we’re on the beach too. :).. See, I can use it not just this summer but all year long.

  22. hmm… it would be definitely quite useful if i:

    got stuck in a absolutely rainy and flooded day in ust.

    sleepovers? campout? naglayas?… instant air bed!

    that sure is a new way of “hitting” with girls in the beach – physically and socially. hehe

    that should really scare the hell out of my (future) kid when he screws up and use it as a pamalo.

    pillow fight!!

    siguro naman, i will never lose in tumbang preso if i use that.

    no more squeaky bed!!

    hmm…Havaianas Flip-float.. it would be definitely quite useful if i:

    got stuck in a absolutely rainy and flooded day in UST.

    sleepovers? campout? naglayas?… instant air bed!… Read More

    that sure is a new way of “hitting” with girls in the beach – physically and socially. hehe

    that should really scare the hell out of my (future) kid when he screws up and use it as a pamalo.

    you know what they say… the bigger the feet, the bigger… the Havaianas!

    pillow fight!!

    siguro naman, i will never lose in tumbang preso if i use that.

    definitely, a “pool” breaker!

    no more squeaky bed!!

  23. I have a relative in Malabon who, for many years now, have live and breath in a place soaked in flood water especially when the rainy season comes. A Havaianas Flipfloat will surely cheer him up a little. I can only imagine how “cool” he would be riding on it in the middle of the flood with all the water lilies and floating debris on the side :-)

  24. Sis: Oh, I didn’t know you’d want a pair of Havs. I should’ve given you one of my pairs. As for the flipfloat, you really ought to own one, seeing that you live so close to beaches! C & H would love to play with it and *you* can go in without getting yourself wet *and* cold! LOL :lol:

  25. january says:

    “What can you do with a flipfloat?”

    my hubby is a beginner at the surfing school in La Union and i cannot join because i am no swimmer. the most that i can do at the beach side is to wait for him stand on his surf board. a flipfloat will be a perfect companion during long hours of waiting, i can bask in the sun with this and a flipfloat will definitely float the big me!

  26. free flip-float??wow, what a nice treat!!what makes it cool though is that its Havaianas…its no ordinary floats we see in malls.. its the coolest flip float ever..since people goes gaga over wakeboarding here in Davao, I’d use it as a wakeboard and frolic from morning til night..weeee!

  27. “What can you do with a flipfloat?”

    Gee… since i do not know how to swim, this will surely help me enjoy more what the beach has to offer or probably a float in a pool. Its really sad when we go on a family outing yet we just stayed near the shore because my two younger sisters also don’t know how to swim. With this flipfloat, surely summer will never be the same again.

  28. “What can you do with a flipfloat?”

    hmmm… I met a cute chinito guy a couple of weeks ago… I never believed in “love at first sight” (still am a bit skeptic) but after going out on a couple of dates, I know he’s the infamous “one”… unfortunately he had to go home, for awhile, to Cebu where his family resides… before he left he told me if i would I can be his “Pangga” (love) and be a couple…my usual skeptic self came over me and since we really dint know each other extensively, I said “No, sorry”… big regret…

    If I can just use the flipfloat to swim from Batangas port to Cebu… I’ll gladly do it… I’ll walk right his front gate and call his name… raising the flipfloat with a big “gusto ko ako ang imung pangga, manganduy ko nga imu kong angkunun ug balik”(I want to be the one you call Pangga, please have me back) written on it… desperate, but true… :(

  29. Patrick Laroco says:

    What can I do with a flipfloat?

    Here’s what I’m going to do with my flipfloat: I will talk to the 3 ladies carrying their Havaianas flipfloat as seen here at StyleManila.com and challenge them to the greatest “Tumbang Preso” game they’ll ever play in their entire lifetime at Boracay.

  30. a flip float?? that’s the raddest thing ive ever heard! this baby can be used everywhere! at the beach as a floater, to use as a cover if i ever need to ix some swimsuit booboos, as a nappy cot, a sun shield an eye candy for both girls AND guys cuz im sure theyll be curious who owns this fab havies this huge! can be used at home to put my teddies, havies or bags, sleeping cot for me and my doggies when we’re out at the terrace. at work to display and be proud of and promote style manila cuz i’d always say “that’s where i won this baby!” and a promotional for havies too! i’d be a walking add for style manila and havies with this havie-floater! so please please let me win it so i can atleast say something fun happened to me this summer??

  31. Leah Mamuyac says:

    The Havaianas Flipfloat will be useful baby aide in our house. My 2-month old Charles can use it as a Baby Play Gym. My baby’s play area should also be cute like him :-)

  32. Lady Sith says:

    OMG my friends and I were going to buy those! They were $25 and the proceeds went to the Starlight Foundation charity. This was during Australia Day (summer 2009 – jan 26) The entire beach in Torquay was covered with it, along with surfboards and bodyboards.

    Mind you, it’ll be a bitch having to inflate/deflate them.

  33. Florence Vi Santos says:

    Well, I’ve never been to Boracay before so if I’ll go that heavenly place someday, I’ll bring that with me and try surfing with it and use it as a floater at the same time. In my apartment, it would great if that would be my new couch since I only have a wooden chair just like the ones teachers own in a school. And that Havaianas would be great for great poses for my friendster and multiply accounts. I smell my ‘cam-whore’ disease is attacking me already!!! :) I should have no matter what!

  34. Lady Sith: Yea, I had someone inflate mine using a compressor just to see how it would look like then I realised that I’d have to bring something with me each time I intend to use it (either that or make sure I bring a car that accommodate it. Gah.

  35. “What can you do with a flipfloat?”

    It has several uses, but of course I want it to be a part of my havaianas collector’s item.. :)
    It’s really workable if we can make a creative idea out of using it. It can be use also for work, fun & pleasure. But one thing that makes it the same as the havaianas flops is that it is relaxing to use.

  36. We are on the process of setting up our room into a mini playschool area for my 16 month old daughter. Our plan is to home school our child and to pattern it along with other progressive schools in the country. We are in need of educational and other resource materials to help in my baby’s development. Currently, what we have are reading materials, wall charts, flashcards, wooden toys and etc. I am eyeing for the large inflatables and bounce materials to be added in our list because I know that bouncy movements are appropriate stimulation for children below 2 years old. But due to their high prices and the fact they will not fit into the room, I decided to let it go. Thanks to Havaianas! My hopes are high nowadays because I have a chance to own a colorful inflatable that will be a perfect bounce and play material for my daughter. The Havaianas inflatable slipper raft will definitely fit in the mini playschool area that we are working on. This will really help stimulate her senses every time she will have her bouncy- with-music -sessions at home. We no longer need to travel and go to places with inflatables and bouncy materials. Outdoors and indoors we can have our bouncy bonding moments and play for as long as we want at the comfort of our own home. Now that’s really cool, hassle free and inexpensive!!!

  37. Koleen says:

    “What can you do with a flipfloat?”

    Aside from the fact that is it very very cooool, I can say that it can be very useful for me. It’ll be very useful because I love going to the beach. I can use this flipfloat as a raft and a floater. Above all, it will look great in pictures! I am really hoping that you will give a flipfloat because I am really an avid fan of Havs and this will be added to my collection.

  38. I would <3 to use this as

    1) as a fly swatter
    2) as a practice board for surfing
    3) as a functional piece in my bare-bones room
    4) as a shelter for the rain
    5) as a laptop table for my lap.
    6) as a rack for my magazines
    7) to make me reminisce of my good, cheerful and bright days.

  39. I will use the flipfloat to entice my daughter to swim and overcome her fear of water…with it, she’ll be delighted to swim because she loves havaianas slippers. She will use her new havaiana fit also as a pair. She’s always a benchwarmer when it comes to swimming but whe she saw the flipfloat in CWC she was very fascinated with it and always been nagging me to buy one.

    Another use will be a floater when tired of swimming, it can be a decor when shooting for facebook picture LOL, it can be use as airbed when I want to rest or sleep.

    Lastly, the Havaianas flipfloat can be used as a unique swimming gadget that not all people can have.It is like winning the lottery (LOL)

  40. i’d love to get the Havaianas flip float so that me and my 17 month old baby girl could float along with my husband even though he’s going a bit far from the beach or on a deep side of the pool since i don’t know how to swim.

  41. I would love to have that flipfloat! I think it could be of so many uses. Like what many people would most probably do, I’m gonna use it as a floater when we go swimming. It is so huge that the 3 of us (me, my husband and my baby) could actually fit on it while paddling on the water. My baby for sure would have so much fun on it! Not to mention the tons of pictures that we could take as we use it as a props or as a backdrop for some summer posin’. At night, we could use it as a beach bed and could help us create a romantic evening as we gaze to the skies while lying on it. But the use of flipfloat doesn’t end at the beach. We could also use at as a stylish furniture at home (it could be a comfortable bed or a could serve as a cozy sofa in our sala). We could also hang it on the wall and serve as a cool artwork. Or it could stay inside my baby’s play area and serve as one of her big toys.

  42. 101 uses for a flipfloat: (Not really, just around 8)

    1. Leave mysterious tracks in the mud (“Breaking news: Bigfoot is a havaianas fan)

    2. Terrify small children (“The belt or the SLIPPER?! The belt or the SLIPPER!?)

    3. Fill it with helium and take a ride (Believe it or not, I’m walking on air, never thought I’d be so freeeeee…)

    4. Give it to the old lady who lives in a shoe. That can be her beach house, and her children will love you.

    5. Health tip: When you start to hyperventilate, inflate your flipfloat manually. Blowing that much air will surely tire you out and stop your hyperventilating.

    6. Fight crime. With a mask, a bikini, and a flipfloat strapped to your back, criminals will be so confused by your costume they won’t know what hit them (Nunchucks made out of strung together havaianas are an optional weapon in your ninja havaiana arsenal)

    7. Bring it out when telling people about your successful diet story (“You don’t believe how fat I was before I started with yoga? Well, let me start with how huge my feet were…)

    8. Paddle out on it and retrieve the slipper that Rizal dropped into the ocean, so he doesn’t have to drop the other one.
    (Do I merit extra points for historical reference? Or will Philippine historians curse me for such flipfloppancy?)

    Oh well, the contest didn’t say “What REALISTIC things can you do with a flipfloat?” right? Just wanted to brighten your day! And win a flipfloat. Please give me a flipfloat. Not the belt, the slipper, please. I cannot fight crime otherwise.

  43. Tina Silva says:

    I’ll wear them on Halloween (literally trick or treat on my Havaianas! =) ), Christmas, New Year, kiddie parties (I’m sure the kids will love it too), costume parties like company Christmas parties and birthday parties,and pool parties. I’ll add a twist, depending on the occasion, on how the flip float will look like :) Really exciting!

  44. Good Day Sasha!
    Hmm..what can I do with a flipfloat? I would like to bring it to my working place wherein I can share the experience of having a great flipfloat with my colleagues and patients. For we spent and will spend the summer season in a specialized care unit..Just having a flipfloat would really cheer us up..Or the best thing that might happen is the fastest and immediate recovery of our clients. Have a HAPPY SUMMER :)

  45. hi sasha- am a havaianas fanatic- was wondering if you can help me find an online store selling havaianas accessories only available in australia- they have the usb, umbrella, and magnets. thanks and more power.


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