Vintage LV

Vintage LV Monogram Shoulder Bag

There’s an inexplicable joy in owning a Louis Vuitton bag on its own but a vintage LV? Now, that’s added bliss.

Personally, I don’t own one. I simply can’t afford it plus the fact that I’m not a bag person. I reckon my mum will find more rhyme and reason in spending X amount of money on a bag but I won’t. My spending preference for bags is still conservatively lower.

I reckon my friend Thea will most likely relate better with my mum. She owns this vintage Louis Vuitton Shoulder bag, which is roughly aged around 30+ years. It’s amazing how its condition is well maintained. I vaguely recall it’s all about moist and leather care — or so Thea told me.

How about you folks? Do you share this affinity to LV bags? How do you feel about getting vintage LVs? More in value or it doesn’t really matter? Can you share your own tricks on how to care for your leather bags? Come, let’s get some best practices in. I’m certain others will deeply appreciate your help!

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  1. LV is cool. On the mens side of LV, i have the messenger bag on my wish list.
    Atm im currently rocking an new authentic LV Male wallet, nothing fancy ,.good leather ..fully functional. I wonder how long this will last.

  2. Bonjour! My mom had a Louis Vuitton handbag AND tote back in the early ’80’s, and they were so gorgeous. She also had a vintage Gucci bag that would’ve been about 25 years by now. When I asked her recently where they all were, she just shrugged and said, “I don’t know. I guess I lost them over the years.” (We’ve moved a LOT in the past three decades.) I swear, I cringe everytime I think about it. I would kill for those bags now.

    I do have a Fendi purse that my mom bought for me as a birthday present back in 1990 at the Houston Galleria. I still have it and still love it. The quality is such that it looks almost new. I guess that’s why they’re so expensive!


  3. I have vintage LV bought from U to the K, and a Gucci clutch also from U to the K. I find amusing that I end up finding authentic designer bags on those shops without flushing down my atm account to the drain. :)

  4. I’d actually rather have a Chanel bag over an LV one – not really a big fan of the monogram print. Not that I’d complain if I were given an LV bag tho!

  5. katrina says:

    I think in terms of quality and longevity, an LV is a good purchase. As for buying vintage pieces, I think it feels more rewarding and it makes you feel unique, like owning antique furniture, you know what I mean? But personally, I’d rather blow my money on a Prada. Then again, I’d go for shoes over bag any day.:)

    • Jerome: Let me know when you find out. Will it be possible that you send me a link so I can check out what yours looks like? :D

      Marjorie: Ouch. The idea is heartbreaking. I do prefer Gucci or Prada bags sometimes. I like how they look like more than the monos of LV. Oh, a Fendi! Don’t you love receiving gifts like that? Cherish it! Happy to hear from you, French girl! ;)

      Rhyan: Good on ‘ya! Hope I’d have your luck when I hit the shops in Baguio this weekend. :)

      Lauren: Yes, yes. LV Gifts are most welcome. Chanel is a great option too! I like their classic designs. :)

      Katrina: Exactly, vintage triggers that sort of emotion. Brings an extra oomph to the satisfaction of owning a great brand for a bag. And I’m with ‘ya on the shoes over bags anyday thought. I reckon I’d understand spending a lot on shoes but not bags, well, not yet anyway. LOL. :D

  6. I lvoe lv, but i must say, owning a brand that 1/4 to 1/3 of the people on the street own kind of makes me branch out after a while.. But with that said, i still know that i will be a lifelong buyer. I’m a strict no second-hand bags/anything girl, even if it means i miss out on limited editions and vintage! That must be a psychological thing hahaha, but yeah, i recommend people to start out at lv when getting into handbags because the prices aren’t ridiculous for the quality, it’s recognisable and more importantly, the ranges are so versatile! You’re bound to find something for you :) Vintage or new!

    • There is something satisfying about using new stuff but, personally, there’s a different sort of satisfaction when it’s thrifted or esp if it’s vintage since it does give that one-of-a-kind element that’s pretty much appeals a part of me that seeks to be individual. Know what I mean? :)

  7. LV is nice but only for woman. Men with LV are fags.

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