La Salle College International

Transforming Names Into Fashion Labels

For ladies (and men, if applicable) who wish to take their interests in fashion, design, and makeup into the next level, here’s one place where you can explore, nurture and expand them. La Salle College International.

LSCI is offering from weekend classes to 6-Month, 1-Year, and 2-Year International Certificates. They also have Evening Classes that can accommodate working ladies who either wants to dabble in the field, further their skills or make a career change perhaps.

Courses you can take are: Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Patternmaker, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Buyer, Basic Fashion Design, Basic Garment Production, Visual Merchandising, Artistic Makeup, Sewing, Draping, Fashion Jewelry & Accessories, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Photography, Drawing and Textile.

During the Hat Momma and Friends Christmas Bazaar, I stumbled upon a display of their students’ works. Creations were seemingly made of recycled materials.

Fashion in the Bag
by Margarita Regala

“Plastic ‘sando’ grocery bags are layered and paired with a bodice entirely covered with coiled plastic drinking straws.”

Biker Chic
by Sonja Lehman

“A bustier of rubber tire interior contrasts with a skirt of patchworked orange sack bags.”

Soda Pop Art
by Liza Padilla

“A 60s mini-dress is fully embellished with paillettes cut from plastic soda bottles.”

And there were Papier-mâché’d bags and decors on display, too.

LaSalle College International – Manila
8th flr. / Penthouse, # 150 G.C. Corporate Plaza, Legazpi St.,
Legaspi Village, Makati City, M.M.
Receptions/Admissions: (63 2) 840-1543

Photos: Copyright © 2008 Sasha Manuel

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  1. So are you going back to school, Sash? ;)

  2. Suzanne delos Santos says:

    this is so cool! good biz soon.. :)

  3. I have been wanting to study fashion design.. But the la salle college is miles away from my province.. i wish they have something like an open university like in UP for masterals… thanks for this info girl.

  4. really cool stuffs there ;) good work using recycled materials… would you use such shasha, if ever? the design are good as you can see… just don’t know it it is really wearable… rubber, plastics…hmmmm wanted to try that! ;)

  5. This just proves that trash can turn to treasure. Love the dresses!

  6. Tessa: Still thinking about it. Heh. :lol:

    Lorelei: Let’s hope that they’d hold even just weekend sessions in your place. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. :)

    Virlyn: Er, not really. I’d probably try to make something out of scraps but just to say thtat I can and not to wear them. :lol:

  7. there is something about the biker chick dress that bothers me…..
    more and more people are enrolling at lasalle college international… i guess it aint a bad place to learn fashion. :)

  8. I like the plastic dress.Look so in!

  9. I need to know how much the dresses by Margarita Regala and Liza Padilla were sold for my research paper about converting wastes into marketable products. Is there any way I can know about the price? Or someone else I can contact? Please respond asap. Thanks! :)

  10. Ritzel: Best to call them or send them an email.

  11. hi i need to know the tution fees

  12. I miss this school~~~

  13. Hi,

    I want to study at LCI Manila, however someone told me that this school in already not in business.. Is that true? Why?

  14. lovely mae santos says:

    i want to study at LCI manila,do you have a summer classes

  15. kimberli ann sulit says:

    what’s the requirement?and how to study?thank you

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