Where have all the Marikina Shoes gone?

In a conversation I had a few days ago, a sentiment on the subject of shoes was raised. She had voiced an apparent disdain on the makes of available shoes lately. Yes, some still prefer to own shoes that can last at least a couple years before they throw it away. And yes, a lot of the shoes in the market right now are affordable but of poor quality.

As a shoe person, I do love to buy pairs just for the heck of it. Don’t mind that it’ll go out of season, I would sometimes reason out that I can easily dispose of it when I get tired of using it or replace it when it’s worn out, regardless of its lifespan. I guess I’ve taken on a “disposable” mentality when it comes to shoes. An expensive bad habit, I know.

However, there are instances wherein I’d invest in a pair that I would want to last. I would weigh in its quality and timeless design without prejudice. There are shoes that I would want to own and use for a longer time. But does that mean I should turn to designer shoes?

For a practical (and sometimes average) shopper, shoe brands like Jimmy Choo, Prada and Nine West are somewhat out of the question. On average, one would willingly shell out a maximum of Php 1,500.00 for a pair (we’re not talking about trainers here) and would even be satisfied with a pair that only costs Php 500.00. This doesn’t mean that the person is sacrificing quality, though. It’s just, sometimes, designer shoes are just way too expensive, hence, impractical.

We’re actually lucky. We have shoes made in Marikina that are of good make and are priced accordingly. Some wouldn’t have a brand to back them up but these shoes have managed to acquire a loyal following. The reason why I had thought of these shoes was because this reader had said that Mendrez used to offer shoes made from Marikina but no longer do so now. She further added that they now resorted to selling ones made in China instead, all for a higher margin.

I’m now brought to ask this question: where have all the Marikina shoes gone? Do any of you know which stores carry locally-made shoes?

I do know one local shoe brand, Janylin, which offers locally-made pairs though I’m not certain if these are made in Marikina. I like their shoe designs but I’m not too keen on the prices. Last pair I bought caused me a Php 3,000 damage. Ouch. And, oh, I think Janeo is its cousin of sorts.

Can any of you name any other brand? Or is Manila too caught up with them foreign brands now and couldn’t care less? I hope not.

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  1. missyosigirl says:

    i love janilyn’s designs :) i almost always buy my shoes and sandals there. i’ve been a loyal customer since my college days :)

  2. They do offer a great selection, huh? Janylin is always on my list of shops to go to whenever I want to go shoe shopping. :)

  3. hi! Solea i think is philippine made. not sure if they source from marikina though. However, Sapato Manila whcih can be found at the Archeology wing of the Powerplant Mall sells shoes which are all handmade in Marikina. Their website is over at http://www.sapatomanila.com. enjoy shoe shopping! =)

  4. Please check my site. My store carry locally made sandals & bags.

  5. Hana: Thanks for the tip! :)

    Verde: Sure thing. :)

  6. I’m not sure if Robinson’s Department Store still sells Marikina shoes. The last time I checked, there were a few racks dedicated for them. Ãœ

  7. I go to Cubao X (formerly Marikina Shoe Expo) for my Janilyn fix. They have two stores there and regularly go on sale. I scored black and white snakeskin heels and gold stiletto pumps for for only 995 each.

  8. There’s a lot of Marikina-made shoes in the market. Most of the local brands are still made in Marikina, it’s just they’ve been pitching the brands differently that’s why we don’t know they are home-made. And if you go to Marikina, shoes there are always on sale!

  9. yup, janilyn is made in marikina. They have the best designs. I have been a loyal fan for years and when I nuy. pikit mata sometimes 4 pairs at once. The sales people in janilyn branches at market market and robinson’s galleria are also very helpful. but I do agree with you that their shoes are becoming pricey. That’s why I went to a supplier of janilyn in marikina. she told me that some janilyn shoes are made by the janilyn shoe factory. some cheaper janilyn shoe models are outsourced elesewhere hence I afound 1 janilyn supplier. Sadly, this manufacturer fell so short of my expectations. The bags i had made to order, kahit me picture na, all layo sa original and the quality of the workmanship was bleeechhhh. the one pair of shoes I also had made to order was a far cry from what I expected. As in. Sayang yung leather/s na binili ko. I guess when you’re not a wholesaler, di nila gagndahan ang gawa nila. kainis. I won’t mention na this manufacturer….Alam na nila kung sino sila..

  10. to Chippy’s august 1 Comment….

    Would like to know where in Cubao she gets her janilyn fix? Lately, janilyn’s become a little pricey. thanks….

  11. If your not familiar. A lot of rustan shoes are made in Marikina. They are hidden from some popular brands. Kunwari lang sila gumawa. Pero gawang Marikina po yun.

  12. belanie dela cruz says:

    i love Mendres sandals eversince..

  13. you are right, the designer shoes are ouch on the pocket. Specially when i bought a pair at nine west, which costed around 5,000 pesos…. the n a week later, i saw it in SM MOA for 700 pesos. That was painful…..

  14. Janilyn is nice but not comfortable. I describe them as “shoes na pang upo”. Im a ninewest girl and locally I use Francesco for the office. Francesco is Marikina made :-)

  15. i would definitely agree that Janilyn is preppy but uncomfortable…i go for Confetti and Rusty Lopez for locally made designs. MSE (Marikina Shoe Exchange) which is a direct selling company offers a wide selection of shoes too.

  16. Last trip to Janilyn’s was a bit of a letdown, this was in Power Plant, mind you. Current designs are close to blah. Sad, really. Hope things pick up for Janilyn!

  17. Aren’t Otto and Itti locally made?

  18. Marikina made shoes are great pairs. I share your sentiments. I wish they’re not so hard to find.

  19. janylyn used to be around 1k-1500… that was when i was still in highschool and the brand was not that well known yet.

  20. I first bought my janilyn I think 6 or 7 years ago and it was not that expensive yet unlike now.

  21. same here annabel. I also bought there when I was in college. I think I bought my first pair in Glorietta less than 1k.

  22. Isn’t Parisian (the brand we see at SM Department store) Marikina-made?

  23. Liliw Shoes are also great!:)

  24. I think Rusty Lopez shoes are Marikina made – I like alot!

  25. uhmm may warehouse ba janilyn where they sell shoes? Gusto ko sana haanpin to surprise my girlfriend. Thanks=)

  26. This is why when I go back to the Philippines, I’m interested to find good footwear and sell it. I haven’t been to shoe manufacturing companies in Marikina, but I bet ya I will when I get back! Hmmm…smells business to me…lol.

  27. Elmo: Not sure. Will have to check on that.

    Lyndsay: Good on ‘ya!

  28. Cardam’s if you are familiar is a sister of OTTO and ITTI which are brothers but competitors. Cardam’s is almost shut down. Otto has a biggest manufacturing site in Antipolo, ITTI is in Marikina. RUSTY LOPEZ, some percentage are still made in Marikina but so sad that some pairs are from China so with GIBI. MENDREZ are exporting from CHINA as well. BRISTOL SHOES are 100% Marikina made and launched their ladies line available in Market!Market! and Marquinton but their men’s collection are comparable with BALLY of Switzerland and FLORSHEIM of USA. Some of FIGLIA and MARIE NICOLE are made in MARIKINA… for the list of some brands and manufacturers, check PFFI in Marikina. FYI, we have our very own Philippine Footwear Academy which offer courses for Shoe Design and Manufacturing… out of the discussion but still, just want to point out that MARIKINA Shoes still exist with best quality. SOLEA and CARMELLETE’s are also offering best valued sandals with good designs.

  29. I have been out of the country for 4 years now. I used to buy my shoes from Suki, Janylin and Celine/CMG in Greenhills. I have no knowledge though of whether their shoes are all Marikina made. I go for both comfort and style. I’ll ditch anything that’s not comfortable on my feet. I love my Suki sandals. Truth is, I still have my Suki sandals that I bought from them 5 years ago. Now that summer is here in the US, I have been wearing them again! I also love the fact that the sandals I’m wearing is ‘one-of-a-kind’ here. I’ll be visitng the Phils. this month and I would love to see and buy shoes that we have over there!

  30. hi. Gibi shoes offers locally made shoes, marikina made. although they also offer both china, taiwan shoes for business reasons i guess, they are proud to say that they still produce marikina made shoes and in leather. i think they still maintain several factories in marikina unlike other brands

  31. also, there is a GIBI shoe gallery store in Il Terrazzo Tomas Morato, they carry plenty of Marikina made leather shoes. And majority of the styles there are exclusive to this branch. Mejo high end shop kaya nice. di gaya sa mga malls, mas warm and accomodating dito. service deluxe pa. try to visit.

  32. If your looking for Marikina Made Shoes, go to MARIKINA SHOE GALLERY @ Riverbanks Mall. They sell marikina made shoes only and its prices are much cheaper compare to those at dept. stores.They carry both mens and ladies shoes. Some of their brands are BRISTOL, VALENTINO, SWATCH, FRED PERRY & DANZPORT for men and BIANCA, MANOR,FRANCEL, AMFEL,FERRINA by Fred Perry and FUSCHIA by Bristol for ladies.Try to visit their store and they usually have a ‘SALE” almost every month.

  33. apple cailao says:

    hey :) I’m learning a lot from your conversations..by the way, I’m a college senior and is taking up my thesis, and my stuff deals with organizing a Special Event for Marikina made shoes! I really adore shoes!! but I’m not really familiar with ones from Marikina. Do you think making a top local fashion designer to design for Marikina would be a leap for the industry to venture into fashion? :)

  34. i suuupppeeerrrr love solea… ( Rockwell Power Plant Mall )the sales lady confirmed that all the shoes there were from Marikina…

    i bought my first pair last December 2009, and i super love it kc kahit 4 inches yung heels nya you wouln’d feel discomfort, di sya masakit sa paa, and the leather they use is magandang klase talaga malambot ( i forgot the kind of leather they use )…

    I bought another 2 pairs last week hehehe!!!

  35. Me tooo!!! SOLEA is the best local shoes soo far… the style is unique and very comfortable to wear!

    bought 6 pairs agad!!!

  36. search for MACO shoes! very european ang style!

  37. raffy alfonso says:

    Rusty Lopez does not carry locally made shoes anymore. Well it does but a mere 10 to 15% of its inventory. Majority of it is made in China. there was a rumor last year and it came out in the newspapers that Rusty Lopez shoes that are made in China have found to carry a high percentage of cancer causing material.

  38. THEjuan says:

    As weve all come to know, CHINA’s been eating every competition known to man including competition in the shoe industry. The local brands took and are taking a big hit from the chinese that competition has been really stiff. Where have all the Marikina shoe companies have gone? Truth is, most of them shut down already. Janylin is one of the few companies who have stood ground, lived, succeeded and are “rolling with the punches”. Although semi pricey, it cant get any better than this. Janylin is still the same sturdy and kick ass quality shoes they were, are and will always be. More power to Janylin Shoes!

  39. marieele says:

    Alex shoes is 100% marikina made. The owner is a friend of mine and i know for a fact that they are made purely in marikina using the finest quality materials. They are available in shoe stores nationwide, i was told. Go check them out.

  40. Go to Riverbanks and visit the Shoe Gallery. :) You would also see the BIGGEST PAIR OF SHOES IN THE WORLD THERE! :D We also have a factory I think of Gibi here. And there’s this sort of shoe outlet stores in Sto. Nino beside the Our Lady of the Abandoned Church. :D MARIKINA! :D

  41. http://www.marikina.gov.ph/PAGES/shoemanufacturers.htm
    Here’s a site from our website. :( sadly, the shoe capital had been really defeated by the world’s capital of mass produced goods. :(

  42. Marikina Shoes still exists! And I’m proud to say, that we’re one of the brands that sells only Marikina-made shoes :)You can check out our site: carmelletes.multiply.com for our latest styles and for the list of branches where you can find us.

  43. shoeterror says:

    I agree that shoes from mendrez are from China, however they also offer marikina made shoes for men.

  44. Please someone, tell me, where can I find Francesco philippine shoes. They are so comfortable and just perfect for my needs. It’s corporate close toes. I bought my last pair at Land mark, now they are no longer being sold over there. Nobody seem to know, where they moved. Please help :)) Thanks bunch, Christy

  45. Hahhahmay says:

    My sizeis 4 but luckily I live in Marikina, so I can easily go to the factory for “Made to Order” shoes, as we all know the smallest size in the store is size 5, thanks to Suki,Confetti and Ferreti (and to all other store with size 4)plus all their shoes are made in Marikia, I bought one pair from Suki last 2006, I’m still using it.

    Anybody knows where is Suki now, they are no longer in Market Market.

    There is Francesco Shoe Store in Shangrila Mandaluyong.

  46. Hi everyone! Marikina Shoe Expo is now open at the grounds of the Marikina Sports Center, near Mcdonalds. Some of the manufacturers in Marikina have displayed their products there and sells everything at Factory Price!

    @Hannamay, there’s a Suki store located in Shoppesville, Greenhills :)

  47. Hi Myra,

    Is the shoe expo still ongoing? until when is it? please let me know and also how to get there. thanks so much. can you please email me at yukiemoto@yahoo.com thanks.

  48. Really? Can not believe it at all! Amazing!

  49. Genevieve says:

    Carmellete’s have really good and stylish shoes, i love the nude pumps i just saw yesterday! 5″ heels and its really comftable. =)

  50. franchesko is no longer in shangrila and glorieta. what happened? they are the only one in the market i know who sold size 4. what will i do? magpapaa na lang ako forever? pls help


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