Lace Up, Oxford Shoes or Buckles?

Lace Up Trouser Shoes | Style Manila, Manila Fashion BlogWith my frustration in finding the perfect tall, flat boot, my attention is now diverted to a pair of oxford shoes. Believe me, I’ve been searching for weeks and weeks for the boot but I still haven’t found the right one. You can ask teh boyfriend. I’ve hauled his arse from one shoe store to another but it still remains elusive. Sigh.

Along the way, I’ve found myself considering a different kind of shoe. Oxford shoes or something like it. I reckon it’s all due to my new found relationship with hosiery. I needed a pair that will compliment it best and widen my style horizon.

But, dear me, my luck is no better in finding this pair either. Weeks have past and I’m still without a pair of boots nor the oxfords. Gah.

Window shopping online over at Marks & Spencer, I’ve managed to narrow down my options. Thank god! Er, well, if you can call having to choose from 7 pair of shoes as narrow. Heh. There’s hope for me yet.

Oxford Buckle Trouser Shoes | Style Manila, Manila Fashion Blog

Top Row (L-R): Widefit Bow Trouser Shoes, Buckle Feature Suede Shoes, Autograph Lace Up Trouser Shoes (heeled)
Bottom Row (L-R): Autograph Lace Up Trouser Shoes, Suede Double Buckle Shoes, Footglove Stacked Heel Lace Up Court Shoes

Now, all I need to do is take a trip to Marks & Spencer and check out if any of these shoes are available locally.

/crosses her fingers

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  1. Oxford shoes are so in, this year.

  2. I love oxfords but seeing some wear them wrong is starting to turn me off!

  3. Oxfords are now shoe faves in Seventeen Philippines. There’s always at least one oxford on their fashion spread (and I understand why). Yay!

  4. I wanna invest in a pair of Oxford shoes, but I don’t know if they’ll be a fashion passe by next year. I love how double- and triple- buckle mary janes look though! And I would so wear them even if they weren’t hip anymore.

  5. Lauren: I reckon if you think you’ll love wearing them regardless of trends then I’d say go for it. But that’s me. Hope you find a pair and blog about them! :)

  6. Are these available locally esp the Autograph Lace Up Trouser Shoes?

  7. stacatto, le saunda, zara, marks and spencer — almost every shop in hongkong’s boutiques have wide array of brogues! ^_^ i love this camel brogues that comes with a platform heel, they r so pretty but was just too much for me ($750 hkd on sale), but still got one from le saunda, a very gud buy (from $1k hkd to $300 hkd) =) may u fnd the perfect pair! p.s– my purpose in going to hk this yr was also to get that perfect tall and flat boots — but was elusive indeed :( and so ended up with my oxford/brogues instead hahaha, my new found love
    xoxo, j


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